Logo Design, Top 10 Secrets to behind the Logo Design

Logo Design |10 Secrets you need to know before hiring a logo designer

Logo is the first impression of your brand – No matter how small your business is, if your first appearance towards your customers is excellent, Bravo! You have made it. Your customer will develop a perception of company as soon as they see your logo. Logo is something that speaks your company’s mission and vision. It must be a reflection of what you do and how you do. Hiring a Graphic Designer in Islamabad will make your life easy by taking all your pain to their head.

Just imagine, you have a goal to build a big brand of a coffee shop like, Starbucks. You should think what they are thinking, try to put yourself in their shoes like how their branding works for them and finally pay back them. Remember, a brand’s perception is created as you want it to be. The way you market your brand the same level of perception it create in the mind of customers.

Want to know more about building a brand? Follow these 7 steps of branding

OK, let’s Get Started!!! These 10 tips would help you to achieve your goal of having a classy logo

1-Why do you need a logo?


The word why must be asked before going  into logo design process, certainly why do you actually need a logo? To get this answer, think what your customers need from you and what they think. Follow this 5 logo design questionnaire imagine your logo as like you are the customer of yours. How would you think when your logo appears before you? How would you feel, how would you react? In order to understanding more of a logo design, you must read this Forbes Article to have in-dept understanding of how much your logo worth and why it actually matters for every business.

I would suggest you to read Shutter-stock post on How Logo Design Process works, before going to any Creative Agency or Logo Designer.

2- Choosing a Right name.

Why do you Need a Logo Design Company – Blusols-1000x600

The word “why” must be asked before going  into designing a logo, why actually do you need a logo, So think what your customers think, Imagine your logo as like you are the customer of yours, how would you think when your logo appears before you, how would you feel, how would you react, in order to bit more understanding of logo design You must read this  Forbes post to have more understanding that how much your logo worth and why it actually matters for small business.

3-Define Brand Identity

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Brand identity is basically the identity of your business, and how your customers actually visualize you brand just by seeing your logo. In order to have a bit more understanding of how your logo design would look like, you should analyse your logo, their class, behaviour and some similar brands which are already working in your industry  .

4-Find some Design Inspirations

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Rather than just searching it over internet, try to have a bit more thorough research on various platforms which are specifically for creative industry, some of them are as follow:

  • Behance
  • Dribble
  • Awwwards
  • DeviantArt
  • Flicker

If you are in search of more personalized ideas of designs, follow us on Facebook page we are constantly updating the latest designs on it,

5-Choose Your Brand Style/Design Styles

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There are numbers of Logo Design Styles, it totally depends on your business what you are actually thinking and what is the inspiration behind your business.

Following are some of logo design styles  

  • Classic
  • Vintage/Retro
  • Negative Space
  • Emblem
  • Flat Logo Design
  • Typography logo Design
  • Modern & Minimalist
  • Funky
  • Signature Logo Design
  • Hand Crafted
  • Marks Logo Design
  • Mascots logo Design

6-Choose Right Colors

Color actually involves thinking & Emotions, what if I ask you to choose color for love? You answer is probably Red Famous theorist Faber Birren wrote a book naming  Color Psychology and Color Theory he added a detailed studies of “How colors effects your mood, emotions and feeling.” Choose the right colors by studying the brand positioning not by the choice of your personal emotions

7-Choose the right fonts

Following are the tips on “How to choose the right font for your logo

  • Use 1 to 2 fonts maximum.
  • Keep it Simple.
  • Use fonts which is integrated to your brand identity.
  • Use fonts which are easier to recognize.

8-Analyze your logo

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Is it unique, does it set you apart from your competitors, rate your logo from 1 to 10 by analysing the logo through this Logo Analysis Guide

9-Use Right Logo at Right Place

Logo Design Placement Guidelines-Blusols-1000x600

Now that you have made your logo and you have your  brand guidelines with you, What to do with this 100-pages Guide? Well in simple words, imagine your brand is a living being, it feels exactly like humans do. Like when you join some happy gathering your mood would be matched and you would be happy too & Vice Versa.


Brand Identiry Design- Style Guidelines-Blusols-1000x600

Big brand are very conscious with their styling, design, and colors this is why because they have made some brand awareness, for example if I ask you to tell me some red colored can of cold drink you would probably name it as “Coca Cola, or if I say guess  the color of YouTube, Twitter or Facebook you can easily guess. This is because repetition of same colors & styles strengthen the brand awareness, so you can encourage this association by using your brand colors & styles consistently on all marketing platforms.

10- Finally You have made it-Now What’s Next ?

Logo Design Tips and Tricks Secrets Your must know -Blusols-1000x600

Once you have your logo Design, you have your basic branding material to grab attention of your customers at first sight, whether it’s a Visiting Cards, Social Page or Website, you are all set to go. Just following these simple and basic rules, you are ready to show your brand’s new look to the world.

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