5 Questions to ask before your hire a logo designer or Agency

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a logo designer

Ok, finally you are here to improve your business appearance, and wondering to hire a logo designer Right? So, this guide will help you to find the top talent for your Logo design. I totally understand, that hiring a outsource designer or agency is a bit difficult to work with because you don’t even know them who they are, and how experienced they are in their industry. Hence I have gathered some of the best knowledge, this will guide you, and make it easy for you to hire the top talent without stuck into any freelance platform.

Before you proceed to process to hire a logo designer, you must specify what design Services do you need exactly, is it only a logo design, or is it a branding of your business? Futhermore Read this Design Services List. It will make you clear.

 For evenmore deep information about Logo Design Process and how to make your branding work for your business

Ask yourself the following questions, before you hire a logo designer.

I also have attached the Logo Design Brief download it and fill it. I have included questions which all the good logo designer might ask to you, providing these answers in advance make you in a leading position

What Do You Need to Know about a Designer or an Agency?

Question 1

Can you Provide me Your Design Samples?

Asking about their work samples would make it easier about your creative sense and also make you decide whether he/she can get this done for you or not? Try to match your Logo Design Brief with the work of that designer before hiring a logo designer or an agency. A good designer always save your time and his as well, by gathering all your information in at once,

“A good designer will solve Your Problem, He makes Strange Things Wonderful”

Question 2

Did You Get my Point?

After providing the design brief, Ask your designer whether he got it or not cause It very important to convey your ideas to the Logo Designer before Hiring cause you are the one who understands your business well and its important to put your ideas into canvas, there for a good designer or Agency enables you to do so. He/They converts your ideas into designs and then into communication.

Question 3

What Would you Deliver?

A good designer understands your business needs cause he spends a lot of time in researching your business and their needs, He automatically includes what your branding needs are before you ask him. But It’s good to ask what branding materials you need what logo design elevations are you in need, in eg. Square Logo, Vertical Logo, Horizontal Logo, Logo for Website Header. Etc

Question 4

How Would you get this done?

Asking your Designer this question make you easily understand their process, If you want to know more about how the logo design is being done and what is the logo design process, understanding the process mean, how much logo design Concepts would they provide to you, how much revisions are they going to do? Usually, a good Logo Designer or Agency has its own system of Revision so they provide you the single design by choosing the best fit for you, therefore don’t worry, if someone provides you with the single concept, but it’s good to ask “ Is there any internal review system of Logo design?”. You can go with the expert opinion, or you can choose the logo concept by yourself.

Question 5

How Long Should It Take?

Usually, a logo designer takes less than 1 week, it includes research, Ideations, Concepts, Drawing, Conceptualization, Finalization, and some backup time to handle any trouble while delivery of a project.

“Consider Quality Not Quantity”

1 week is an average time which a good Logo designer or an Agency take because creativity needs more time, and Ideas have no time to come sometimes it takes a second and sometimes it takes much more time to come into mind. hence Avoid overloaded designers to hire which already have too much workload, cause you are paying him for their quality of design not the quantity of design

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